Arriving Soon

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

We plan to launch Phase 1 service in late 2017—please stay tuned for more detailed information.

We’re still working on it—but we’re working to make it comparable to taking the car (think gas and parking) without all the hassles. We’ll know prices for sure closer to launch. We’ll also offer weekly, monthly and annual passes, plus Multi-Trip Packs if you’re traveling more often and want to save.

We’ll have frequent departures to meet your needs throughout the day and evening so that you can have lots of flexibility. During morning and evening rush hour or other peak travel times, you can be sure that we will have frequent departures to meet your needs.

We’re centrally located in the hottest neighborhoods and exactly where you want to be.

MiamiCentral is located at NW 1st Avenue, between NW 3rd Street & NW 8th Street.

The Fort Lauderdale station is located at NW 2nd Avenue, between W Broward Blvd and NW 4th Street.

The West Palm Beach station is located at Evernia Street, between S. Rosemary Avenue and S. Quadrille Blvd.

Our Phase Two Orlando station will be located at the new South Intermodal Center(ITC) Facility at the Orlando International Airport.

There will be lots of parking at each station. Parking costs will be determined as we get closer to the launch.

We’ve got you covered! Each station will have rideshare and public transit connectivity so you can get to where you need to go without worry or hassle. You can even choose to have our rideshare partner pick you up at your starting point for a seamless connection from door to destination.

It’s speedy quick, and more importantly, reliable every time. Downtown Miami to Downtown Fort Lauderdale in thirty minutes. Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach in 30 minutes.

Frequent Rider passes will be offered, including weekly, monthly and annual.

Smart and Select are what we call the train coaches themselves! Select coaches have premium leather seating with perks like free parking, free food and beverages and free premium guest lounge access.

Smart coaches are super comfortable but more competitively priced. They have more seating for families and small groups wanting to travel together—and food and parking are optional perks you can add on. Seats will be offered as single (Select only) or doubles, along with quad arrangements where double seats face each other with a table in between.

Whether you prefer Smart or Select, you’ll be able to reserve specific seats when booking tickets through Brightline’s mobile application, website or station kiosks.

Yes! We’re proud to say Brightline is the first fully accessible train in America, exceeding ADA compliance standards. Our goal is to address the needs of all our guests by providing end to end mobility for all travelers. To do this, Brightline trains feature level boarding, with retractable platforms that are integrated into the train car door systems. Prior to the doors opening, the platforms will extend up to 12 inches from the train and pivot to create a flush surface for guests to cross, making it easy for those with mobility challenges, pushing strollers or luggage to board Brightline.

Once onboard, guests will find Brightline aisles are 32 inches wide, providing lots of space for wheelchairs and strollers to easily glide throughout the coach with access to all areas, including the restrooms. Interior vestibule doors will also slide open and close automatically.

How cool is that?

We love your furry friends. Brightline will definitely be dog and cat friendly, but please stay tuned for more guidelines on this topic.

It’s our Phase Two expansion. As the construction progresses, along with work on the rail corridor from Cocoa to Orlando, we’ll have more updates. Sign up below to get the latest!